This morning I joined “Fox and Friends” to discuss Elizabeth Warren’s bizarre attack of speech.

Yesterday the Warren campaign released her plan to “fight digital disinformation,” and promises to criminalize speech defined as “disinformation” on social media platforms. Her plan is chilling:

Push to create civil and criminal penalties for knowingly disseminating false information about when and how to vote in U.S. elections: Voter suppression efforts of any kind offend basic American values. In both the 2016 and 2018 elections, online disinformation sought to depress voter turnout by telling people they could vote via text, giving people the wrong date for election day, and more. I will push for new laws that impose tough civil and criminal penalties for knowingly disseminating this kind of information, which has the explicit purpose of undermining the basic right to vote.

Warren literally wants to prosecute free speech. Facebook already provides features to access verified voting information in various localities and her claims are based on zero evidence whatsoever. There’s no proof that misinformation on Facebook robbed Hillary Clinton of an election for which she half-heartedly campaigned because of entitlement.

Establish rules around information and data sharing to ensure that platforms can share with each other and with the government while respecting individuals’ privacy: Both the government and major tech companies have access to information that can be helpful in identifying sources of disinformation.

She also pledges to allow the government to have access to your social media data to investigate people whose speech may be defined as “disinformation,” but don’t worry about it, you can trust the government with it.

Consider additional sanctions against countries that engage in election interference through disinformation.

Every country is somehow involved in the politics, if not elections, of another country, just ask the Obama administration with Israel, Honduras, Libya, and Egypt, when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton endorsed the once-banned Muslim Brotherhood.

Warren targets Facebook especially because Mark Zuckerberg (despite Facebook’s faults), as I’ve discussed on my radio program, will not relent to Democrats’ demands that he pull and prohibit all political advertising. This infuriates progressives because the Trump campaign was better at using Facebook’s publicly available promotional business features than Democrats were in 2016.

The Warren camp doesn’t define “disinformation,” either. Is it “disinformation” to claim that there are only two genders? Is it “disinformation” to state that life begins at the moment of conception? Truth and science are subjective to progressives like Warren and a natural right like free speech should never be left tot he discretion of a tyrant.

As I’m sure you know, she’s already violated her first pledge:

My campaign will not knowingly allow campaign staff or surrogates to spread false or manipulated information on social media.

The biggest source of misinformation about Elizabeth Warren is Elizabeth Warren.Whether it’s lying about her non-existent Native American ancestry, being the (again, bizarre) first breastfeeding mother to take the New Jersey bar, lying about sending her kids to public school, Warren may not be first in the primary, but she’s first for lying. She needs her proposals on “disinformation” more than voters do.

More here from Fox:

Loesch said that Warren’s campaign website’s “thrillion-word screed” discussing Russianbots and fake accounts is hyperbolic.

“And you go on social media and then you see somebody, some crazy anonymous person ranting in caps lock on Facebook and you decide ‘Oh, you know. This person’s really persuasive; I’m going to change my mind,'” she remarked. “That never happens.”

“But, what she talks about when she mentions these civil and criminal penalties…” Loesch continued, “Are we seriously going to start arresting someone because you don’t like what they’re posting online? You don’t like their content? You’re going to arrest them over memes?”

“And then, one other quick point: who’s going to be the arbiter of this? Who gets to determine what’s true and what’s false because what if someone supports abortion and they don’t like, Brian, one of your posts about March for Life?” she asked host Brian Kilmeade.

“So this whole thing is so biased and it’s dangerous. And so, I can’t believe she’s actually not facing a lot more criticism over this, but I think this is where the Democrat Party is,” Loesch concluded.