Longtime, pre-syndicated caller Brad called into my program today angry at Glenn Beck’s project at the border with his private charity, Mercury One. I was made aware of the project while on vacation last week, when angry Tweets about sandwiches popped up in my timeline. I had wondered what on earth involving sandwiches had people so riled up?

Border state governors have their hands tied. When these state officials try to protect their own border and use their 10th Amendment rights to enforce their own laws the DOJ sues. Injunctions are issued. Defy them and state officials wind up in contempt of court and could face jail time. My governor, Texas’s Rick Perry, has repeatedly called for the National Guard. During my discussion with former Bush/Cheney advisor today, Stephen Yates, Yates affirmed my remark that the reason Perry can’t call the Guard to state active duty is because the DOJ views immigration as a crisis outside the man made or natural disasters that would justify a governor doing so. In the meantime, a listener informed me two weeks ago that her nephew was one of those border patrol agents using his own money to purchase diapers for the illegal immigrant children detained at places like Fort Sill, where another listener says their serving family member was moved, along with other soldiers, to condemned buildings on site while illegal immigrants take the newly-remodeled barracks.

While I think that the crisis at the border is a worsened situation of the Obama administration’s making—and while I believe that they’re using these children as human shields in their fight for amnesty—they’re children. According to sources on site with whom I’ve spoken, anywhere from 20-25% of illegal immigrants detained are children. A number of private charities are already at the border to help with resources. One of those is a charity I’ve been proud to work with in the past, Mercury One. Mercury One supports all sorts of issues from veterans to humanitarian response, but it was their decision to give sandwiches and soccer balls to illegal immigrant children stuck in the limbo of a political fight that sparked a circular firing squad on the right. On the heels of Hobby Lobby I was surprised to find opposition to a private charity relieving the federal government a chance to grow. When I expressed this online I was called a “whore,” accused of treason, and told that I’m just defending my boss and will agree with him on everything.

No, seriously?, and no. I don’t agree with Beck on everything. See most recent: video games. I had to check to make sure I wasn’t hearing from the left instead of the right because the reactions from both became indistinguishable.