This is the guy who attacked DLRS contributor Steven Crowder:

Here is the video:

An anonymous donor has offered $1,000 for information leading to the arrest of this thug. I am pledging an additional $200 and Glenn Reynolds, a.k.a. Instapundit has pledged another $1,000. I’m waiting for authentication of a donation page which should be up shortly.

This was Crowder on with me right after the attack happened:

Twitchy also kicks in.

A WORD OF CAUTION. We are not Spike Lee or Roseanne Barr. Please be careful in speculating publicly about names. Thank you.


***UPDATE 2: First name Tony.

*** UPDATE 3: Based on tips we’ve established the first name, above. Am working to identify two possible last names that share letters and the union local number from tips. We need as much video/photos as possible that can give us a clear shot of the name and number on the jacket. Please look closely at videos and photos you’ve access to; perhaps you’ll be able to get a decent screen grab.

**UPDATE 4: Not “Cummings.”

If you look at the script, the second letter is not a “u.” We are ruling out Cummings. I feel that we have the last name but am waiting for more confirmation to be absolutely sure.

**UPDATE 5: This seems to be the Facebook page of one of the tent attackers from listener   Lorraine. Chris Opalewski, going by his physical appearance and name stitched onto his jacket and present on the back of his helmet, screamed “He’s got a gun!” “I’ll kill a [the?] motherfucker with a gun! I killed 20 motherfuckers with a gun!”


VIDEO from FTR Radio’s Thomas LaDuke:

The second union protester who punched Steven Crowder is not “Tony Cummings.” Some say it looks like “Camargo.” I was reluctant to go forth with this but it leaked from the group with whom I was working and made it online.

Judging by the script, his last name clearly doesn’t begin with “Cu” as in Cummings. I’m first told by a tipster that it is “Camargo,” but want to caution folks on going on these screencaps alone as confirmation of anything but it looks unlikely that it’s “Cummings.”

The best shot of the last three letters of the name.

**UPDATE 6: Another screenshot, this one from Luke Londo. You can clearly see the beginning of Tony’s name, which seems more like “Camargo.”