I can’t stand garbage like this:

Literally no one is saying this.

[Redacted because the people who did this did it to advertise their graphics company more than anything] a logo creation company, got the input of 400 people from the U.S. and United Kingdom about ways to modernize St. Nick. It then used the top suggestions to survey 4,000 people on how they envision a 2018 version of the big man (or woman).

In terms of what gender Santa should be, nearly 19 percent of U.S. respondents said the patriarch of Christmas should be identified neither as male or female. More than 10 percent said a woman should fill the role.

That left a little over 70 percent of respondents affirming a male St. Nick.

In total, approximately 27 percent of U.S. and U.K. respondents felt Santa should be rebranded a female or gender neutral.

The headline is utterly ridiculous: “Some say Santa should be rebranded female, gender neutral.”

Who gives a bat’s rass? Some say Luccheses are more comfortable than Ariats. Some others say the last “Star Wars” blew chunks. And still some others say that black licorice is nasty (it is).

A generally known FYI: Santa is based on a historical character. He was a dude. He wasn’t some Mattel Ken doll with buffed vague bits, he was a person. If you want to fabricate from the ether a magical, gift-giving yet inoffensive bipedal sentient being, let er’ rip, tater chip — just don’t appropriate an existing one. If the left has taught us anything, it’s that appropriation is offensive. And we all know that Being Offended® is the the most desirable gift for several Christmases running. But the thing is — no one said this. No one volunteered this opinion, instead a design company’s marketing department decided to survey people (with what was likely a push poll) and get earned media with a divisive story. There are people on the left who think this whole thing is mind-numbingly idiotic and for once, we agree.