Via the AP:

U.S. lawmakers are calling on Egypt and Turkey to take a central role in helping to end the bloody conflict in the Middle East, with one influential senator going so far as to say that American aid dollars were at risk if Egypt didn’t reign in Hamas militants.

Egypt will give the appearance of cooperation, but nothing more:

So Morsi is appearing to cooperate with the west in trying to broker a cease fire in Gaza while keeping the anti-Israel rhetoric to a minimum. He is hoping for the cash to bolster his reserves which are nearly gone. Those dollars will allow Egypt to purchase food, fuel, and other necessities that their prostrate economy is unable to supply.

Meanwhile Egypt’s Prime Minister Kandil engages in photo ops like this. Did he know that this poor child was killed by a rocket from Hamas? When you launch your rockets next to schools, you put the safety of children at risk.

Can we rethink aid to Egypt now?