I see many of my contemporaries celebrating and even jovially discussing the disastrous result from Iowa. The lifespan of campaigns is being determined by only 62% of the total data. Buttigieg wins the delegates but Sanders takes the overall popular vote. (Maybe after winning the delegates but not the popular vote in Iowa, Buttigieg will warm up to the Founders’ idea of the electoral college.) The whole thing is … weird. Especially so with looming questions regarding Buttigieg and the company that created the “coding error” app. I wrote about this earlier on Twitter:

It’s true that Biden has never performed well in Iowa — and it’s also true that winning Iowa doesn’t necessarily indicate that the caucus winner will go on to win the general. What it does indicate is that Biden is finished, his best chance was 2016, he has no ability to stop the onslaught of socialists that have been allowed to co-opt the party. His momentum is falling apart, SC was to be his firewall and now even that is eroding. He’s like the Jeb of this cycle.

Meanwhile, the male version of Rachel Dolezal and Elizabeth Warren is stumping for Bernie: