(See update at end of post.)

The quick thing to snag attention these days is proclaim your outrage over some variable, or report on it as an outrageous matter, and wait for the always-ravenous rage mob to heed your call. Here’s tonight’s rage mob target:

After this journo decided to create a controversy over a logo on someone’s t-shirt was a story, he fueled it further and created an echo chamber:

Over a t-shirt with a network logo.

Yes, it’s silly to get upset over this. It isn’t a demonstration of strength to get mad over a t-shirt.

Colin Kapernick wore a shirt with Che Guevara on it and there was less criticism. Virginia’s Democrat Governorย literally wore blackface for apparently all throughout his twenties and there was hardly an outcry on the left. A funny thing happened though, on our collective way to curbside pickup at the Torches and Pitchforks Store to out-rage the left: Gundy and Hubbard met and made up. They released a little 50-second video:

This is a cool video, smartly done fast. I give credit to Hubbard for coming to a full stop, and changing to do it the right way and not the rage mob’s way. People needed to see that example and honestly, we so rarely see any reconciliation anymore, we’re starving for it. The video is significant. Why? Well, because the journos are still trying to get Gundy fired:

But Hubbard and Gundy made up. They robbed the rage mob, busy screaming over being offended at a t-shirt, of using their relationship as a pawn. Gundy didn’t apologize for wearing his shirt — and his acknowledgement that some lost their minds over it shouldn’t be misconstrued as an apology for the shirt, either.ย I said on Twitter that Gundy is a coach who cares about his athletes and sees mentorship as the number one thing we need more of in America. A few folks reminded me just how fiercely Gundy has always defended his guys:


I may have written a book about grace, but I’m just as imperfect as anyone else and sometimes frustration gets the better of me. It really frustrated me that some on the right couldn’t see this as the victory it was — not for aย side but for decency and goodness.


I’m so used to being on offense that I forget you are, too. We’ve been inundated with blows in this ideological battle for so long that we’ve almost allowed the left to rob us of recognizing reconciliation. Some can barely recognize it anymore. Never give anyone that victory.

Some pointed out that Hubbard Tweeted this after the video:

Look, this is a young man who did the correct and good thing and he also probably wants to save a little face. Keep that in mind. Let’s see what the future holds and enjoy the rage mob’s dejected journo leaders fumble around for the Next Thing after this failed.

Also .. somebody should make and sell a t-shirt of Mike Gundy wearing that t-shirt.

UPDATE: I spoke one day too soon:

It was a t-shirt. Itโ€™s also completely acceptable to question political groups that work with other Democrat organizations on fundraising, especially after headlines like this.