Earlier this year it was McDonald’s (fail). A few months after that it was Starbucks (fail). The week before last it was Jack in the Box (fail). (They tried with retail but Staples kicked Moms Demand out of their HQ; Facebook ignored Bloomberg’s “moms” group and simply said they will uphold existing laws on firearm possession regarding private sales). This week it’s Chipotle. When you can’t affect change legislatively or culturally, target … restaurants. If ever there was a greater white flag of fail, this is it.


Chipotle wasn’t going to participate in the drama. Good for them. It’s a restaurant, not a political statement. Damn, just let them make their burritos. Chalk up another fail for Bloomberg’s $50 million dollar “mom” group. No wonder he restructured them under “Everytown.” There is no record of success.

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Not even close to truth. You must be 18 and yes, a firearms purchase is subjected to a background check. How do I know? Because I’ve underwent one every time I’ve ever purchased a firearm, including for my AR-15s. What purpose does it serve to post something so easily proved to be false?

So congratulations, Chipotle! You just scored yourself one week of incessant nagging, $50 million dollars worth of it, courtesy the Maecenas of Second Amendment opposition, Mike Bloomberg—and apparently $50 million dollars doesn’t include basic research on Texas gun laws or the Brady Act. You have to be 18 and yes, you are subject to background checks, because that is a federal mandate. Heavens. Look how easy this is:

 —> CLICK ME <—

Like magic.