Fresh off his latest racial controversy, Moms Demand/Everytown boss and super unpopular Democrat primary candidate Michael Bloomberg claimed this:

He purposefully says “students” to intimate that madmen are targeting kids at schools when in reality, every available statistical resource from BJS to FBI Uniform Crime Reports to countless pediatric surveys (like this one) show that the tragedy is due to older teenagers involved in gang activity and suicide. While this doesn’t subtract from the unfortunate loss of life, it is an important distinction. Bloomberg conflates this point and carefully omits this important detail.

Instead of examining why it seems that youth today have a shorter fuse (or examining at closer detail how they obtained their illegally possessed firearm, either through the black market or by stealing it from somewhere, including their parents — which then existing negligence laws may come into play with additional charges), Bloomberg chooses to bizarrely … blame Trump.

Speaking of gang violence — as Bloomberg fudges stats on older teens that carry out criminal acts with illegally possessed guns, remember that Democrats voted down an attempt to include gang members in the red flag system they want to impose on you by using a familiar argument:

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee amended the measure during a Wednesday mark-up to authorize the federal government to issue extreme risk protection orders in some instances, but they rejected an amendment that would have red-flagged anyone who law enforcement lists as a gang member.

“The majority of violent crime, including gun violence, in the United States is linked to gangs,” Rep. Ken Buck, a Colorado Republican who sponsored the amendment, said Wednesday. “My amendment is quite simple. It would allow the issuance of a red flag order against anyone whose name appears in a gang database if there was probable cause to include that individual in the database.”

Democrats objected with reasons that sounded very familiar to Republicans.

GOP lawmakers have staunchly opposed “No Fly, No Buy” proposals Democrats have tried to pass in the House in recent years because the lists flag the wrong people.

Like the no-fly lists, which have erroneously flagged many innocent individuals as terrorists (including the late Sen. Ted Kennedy), the gang databases are often inaccurate, Democrats said.

Imagine that.

Just a reminder: Democrats are FOR red-flagging you and against red-flagging the actual gang members driving the homicide rate for which YOU are blamed.