During Fox’s town hall Michael Bloomberg was asked about the stop and frisk policy that he expanded with no oversight as a gun control tactic. I previously wrote in-depth about this here.

Bloomberg used stop and frisk as a gun control tactic, period. His gun control groups were allowed to slide past this issue for years.

He even admits that it was his incompetency that allowed the program to run wild:

Remember, similar to red flag laws, stop and frisk lowered the evidentiary standard from “probable cause” to “reasonable suspicion” (when it didn’t devolve to a “hunch”).

Bloomberg clearly isn’t aware of existing firearm law, either. His response here is embarrassing. No, you cannot just buy a gun online and have it delivered to your home. It must go through an FFL. Yes, private sales are still subject to federal restrictions. It’s embarrassing for a presidential candidate to be this uneducated of the law they demand change.

Bloomberg also judges an action by the result it produces, regardless whether it’s ethical, moral, or constitutional. The result of an action doesn’t justify its constitutionality, if the end justifies the means is the new standard going forward, prepare to sanction a lot of awfulness.

*Update: Thank you, Town Hall:  Dana Loesch Shreds Mike Bloomberg Over His Blatant Lies About Firearms and His Push for Gun Control