Well, you just can't have people flying around to sex islands on pedophile planes, either. Via Reason, my emphasis:

Clinton: The Baltimore thing came on the heels of what happened in Ferguson, what happened in New York City and all these other places. And there is a big national movement about whether the lives of young African-American men count.

Jake Tapper: #BlackLivesMatter, yeah.

Clinton: Yeah. You can't have a bunch of people walking around with guns. I used to tell people when we did Bosnia, Kosovo, anything like that: You get enough people with weapons around, and there will be unintended consequences. People make mistakes. People do wrong. Things happen.

Clinton seems to be saying that the weapons used by the military in Bosnia and Kosovo during his term are the same select fire capability firearms used by the United States military which is simply silly—and wrong. Crime reports don't list homicides as the result of automatic weapons; they're by and large done by semi-automatic handguns. “Enough people with weapons around …” means what, exactly? Law-abiding Americans? I attended the NRA convention this past April and there were tons of law-abiding gun carriers around me and guess what? No one was shot. The Florida Model works against him. So I assume Clinton is talking about non law-abiding people who are not legally authorized to carry or purchase a firearm. Yes, there are usually unintended consequences when criminals carry guns as statistically, they're the people who commit crimes using guns. This injection of gun control in the argument is nothing more than Dixiecrat fear-mongering, not unlike what the new gun control granddaddy has recently pushed.