Earlier today video emerged of Joe Biden campaigning in Detroit and arguing with a worker over the Second Amendment. The worker was calm and asked Biden serious questions regarding Biden’s own comments. Biden reacted just like every gun control activist does when facing facts and questions:

Another angle:


Biden is wrong, the worker is correct. Yes, Biden did say that:

And don’t forget who Biden promised to put in charge of our constitutional rights:

Biden is wrong on so many things. First, he’s confusing an AR-15 with an AR-14 — and yes, there is such a thing as an AR-14 rifle but do you think Biden knows this? His remark is in the context of the most commonly-owned semi-auto rifle in the country, which is an AR-15. Secondly, he horribly butchers the “yelling fire in a crowded theater” analogy. By using this quote (which Biden doesn’t even quote correctly, it’s “falsely shouting fire in a crowded theater,” significant detail here) Biden is using an overturned court case (U.S. v. Schenck, overturned by Brandenburg v. Ohio) that was anti-free speech as justification for limiting Second Amendment rights like First Amendment rights. Except, again, the case was overturned and the analogy to firearm ownership doesn’t make sense (chief among the reasons: laws on speech don’t prohibit you from speech, they just remove protections from certain consequences. Libel, slander, defamation, etc., are not considered protected forms of speech).

Biden is also incorrect when he analogizes semi-autos to full-autos, which are not illegal. Biden’s argument is that because machine guns are harder to get it means they’re used less in crimes, but the semi-auto rifles he wants to ban are also used vastly less in crime (a minuscule percentage; same for shotguns) especially compared to handguns. His argument on rounds is also illogical — you can ban certain magazine capacities with unenforceable laws (that have no effect on crime driven by repeat offenders) and people will carry more magazines that take a second or less to swap. These aren’t serious proposals from a person serious about crime or violence.

Those cheering Biden’s reaction:


“Hostile critic?”

Voters simply concerned about their constitutional rights and private property are “hostile critics” now. The guy who actually proposed eliminating constitutional rights and confiscating private property isn’t the hostile figure, the person objecting is. Those cheering Biden here are cheering for more state control. That isn’t a Republican or conservative position.

I’m not worried about tyrannical deer, Mr. Frum.

That Detroit worker had Joe Biden’s number and Biden reacted the way every gun control activist reacts when challenged by fact: yelling and insulting the person pressing the question. No, Biden does not support the Second Amendment and no, this is not a look of intelligence or strength for him.