Since 2010 a slow burning fire has consumed its way towards World War II nuclear material at the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, Missouri. Reports have shown that the radioactive waste has already contaminated nearby trees and groundwater on the perimeter of the landfill. Of course the EPA is involved:

The Environmental Protection Agency, which oversees West Lake Landfill as a toxic Superfund site, has also made repeated assurances that the site poses no threat to local residents and workers.

Despite awareness of this fire and its proximity to the nuclear waste, illegally dumped in the 70s, state officials have waited until now apparently to act—and only after nearby residents voiced concerns. Four school districts have begun preparing disaster drills. So with two layers of government—the EPA and state—no one has acted until now? Caller Danielle, a nearby resident, says her insurance agency informed her that any damage resulting from any disaster due to this hazard would not be covered. Who is here for these residents?



Resident JC Leonard says his daughter's school sent this notice to parents:

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