I have only publicized a few signing dates thus far for Grace Canceled because we wanted to watch and see how this COVID-19 played out in the areas to which I’ve been eager to visit and see you all. I think one of the greatest joys of radio is putting faces to the faceless millions who fellowship with me every day while listening and calling into the program. Unfortunately, some of the places I’m scheduled to appear are COVID-19 hotspot areas or areas that have already declared state of emergencies and are cracking down on large public gatherings — for instance in San Francisco, where gatherings of over 250 people should be canceled and postponed. Sadly, as a result, public signings in a number of in cities will be postponeddue to common sense observance of containment and careful consideration for your health. As an interim substitute, I will host some Internet events; details forthcoming as we only just made the decision to postpone these dates today.

I’m grateful for the reasoned and measure approach to this now-declared pandemic from the “Dana Show” audience family. Avoid large public gatherings for the time being, wash your hands, and yes, check in on and care for loved ones, masks and gloves can be useful — but avoid hoarding as it’s unnecessary and deprives resources from our neighbors. Do not panic over this virus. Seriously, do not. Yes, it is a concerning issue, and a more serious issue for those dealing with compromised immune systems due to age or other health issues (so please be respectful of their common sense choices to offset that with precautions), but it does not warrant panic. I say this as a person who spent a significant amount of time repeatedly hospitalized as a child with pneumonia and my lungs are scarred from it. As a result, I’m more susceptible to upper respiratory issues than most (which is why I pick them up more often than most, even with an incredibly healthy lifestyle and having used, or currently using, anything you may suggest to me!). Because of this I have a smidge more concern than the average bear. I’m washing my hands more and am more vigilant when out and about. (Protip: Eucerin Intensive Care travel lotion is great to use with constant hand washing. I develop eczema on my fingers from time to time and this helps immensely!) I share this information with you to assuage your fears.

I look forward to posting new dates and will talk with you on air shortly.

Some perspective from the AP (of all places):