As I discussed on my program, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had a “come at me, bro” moment while addressing media bias earlier today:

DeSantis had every right to lay out the media for inexcusable bias. Consider:

Florida has more people (latest census), 21,299,325 verses New York’s population: 19,542,209. Florida beats New York by about two million people. Coronavirus fatalities in nursing homes are driving the country’s overall fatality rate. New York leads the nation in coronavirus nursing home fatalities with well over 5,000 deaths. Cuomo only changed the policy that mandated nursing homes take coronavirus patients earlier this month. He says it wasn’t a policy change, but it was. While nursing homes begged the state to not send coronavirus-positive patients back to their facilities, Cuomo waved off the little-used USNS Comfort, saying it was “no longer needed.” Meanwhile, Cuomo was accused of not reporting nursing homes’ full fatality numbers.

It helped Cuomo to have a brother at CNN; while the New York Governor dropped the ball, the younger Cuomo avoided the details by instead attacking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for reopening beaches and stopping fleeing New Yorkers from inundating resort towns. Media were apoplectic over DeSantis, and any other Republican governor, claiming that their CDC-blessed reopening strategy was essentially mass murder. Florida was supposed to resemble a zombified wasteland right about now and yet, it has one of the lower fatality rates in the nation. DeSantis’s big crime isn’t that his state reopened or even that he quarantines incoming New Yorkers using their privilege to escape to safer Florida beach towns, it was that he is a Republican. Democrats can’t claim the leadership as their own, and after trying to use the pandemic to highlight Cuomo’s supposed “leadership” and his daily press briefings as 2024 presidential rehearsals, they have egg on their face. Some media finally had to admit it.

Also — We always discuss infection rates and fatality rates but never recovery rates, which are infinitely higher than the fatality rates and bring sharp perspective to this pandemic, but alas, the narrative must be protected.