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Woman interprets problems in her relationship to mean that we need a national policy to prevent them. From a keyboard pschy perspective, he's just not that into her but feels obligated because a child is involved.

– SCOTUS doesn't care who votes or how many times. Officially.

– Maybe if churches such as this one focused on saving souls instead of politics, they wouldn't have to bend with the winds to keep people in the pews.

Great read:

those churches — like the United Churches of Christ and the Presbyterian Church (USA) — that abandoned biblical orthodoxy decades ago, in the name of cultural relevance and “inclusion.” Some are declining so precipitously that they may cease to exist within a generation.

Chris Christie? Don't see it happening.

– If Leftism has reached its peak, does that mean a decline will follow?

$65k for a Chelsea Clinton speech.

As Greece crumbles financially, worries over availability of basic goods increase.

The Ku Klux Klan want to rally in Charleston to remind America that inbreeding still exists.

Obama to make law about overtime pay from the Executive Desk.

– Lewinsky and Gore together in the VIP at Cannes? That could have been awkward.