Regrettably, today's signing event for Hands Off My Gun at the TCU Bookstore from 2-3:30 central is canceled. I was really looking forward to this but unfortunately am uncomfortable gambling with my own, my family's, or readers/listeners's security. For my past few signings the venue or my affiliate station provided security as I cannot afford to hire people to carry my gun (while pretending to be anti-gun, as Moms Demand does). We just found out this afternoon that TCU is unable to provide security and because it is a gun-free zone, I am prohibited from lawful carry in place of that security. We had an incident at my signing in Grapevine where a man belligerently pushed his way through the line, yelled at store employees and about how he hated me and Glenn Beck, and when he was told to leave, punched the store's promotional signs on the way out; that, coupled with the threats I receive regularly from anti-2A folks (even a few in the DFW area), I'm just not cool with being a sitting duck somewhere or asking any of you to be also.

I hope you understand and I will make it up to you by rescheduling the event at a different location as soon as humanly possible.

Please accept my deepest apology.