This past spring I volunteered to cut an ad for the NRA in defense of Second Amendment rights. It has already had a profound effect. Michael Bloomberg's Moms Demand group spent days attacking my appearance (as opposed to intellectual debate); a guy in Illinois who may or may not be this guy made a video of me being shot in the face (Twitter has since removed it); another guy threatened to beat me up because “I hide behind guns”; another told me I should be “aborted.” These people are the faces of the anti-gun lobby. I have never met an anti-gun advocate who didn't also seem incredibly violent. In fact, every threat against myself or my family that I have ever received has been from anti-gun advocates. No other issue. Anti-gun groups like Moms Demand and their parent organization, Everytown, have refused to condemne their supporters for threatening violence over the Second Amendment. Violence is apparently silently endorsed and from my experience, shared. You'll remember how Shannon Watts used her confirmed armed goons to step on, push, and intimidate me when I attended an anti-NRA rally as an invited member of the media.

Last night I asked Second Amendment supporters to turn the hate from these violent people into fuel to protect our freedoms. The response was overwhelming (and that story doesn't even include half of those who either became members yesterday, renewed their membership, upgraded their membership level, or donated to the NRA). The reality? We are here to stay. I don't get intimidated, I get more determined. So on my birthday today I'll gladly take the death threats, the death wishes, the murder fetish videos about me because I'll turn every bit of it into fuel to fund the Second Amendment fight. My sincere thanks.

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