I’m not sure if you’re following the “Real World”-esque drama playing out in Seattle right now, but basically Antifa made the resistance-version of a kids’s fort in the middle of the city, put up road blocks, and claim they’re the captain now.

It’s called the “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone” (a.k.a. CHAZ) and the first thing they did was to build a wall:


They’re “autonomous” in that they rely on the water, electric, from the city and Seattle Department of Transportation is said to have provided them with port-a-potties. They weren’t able to get any of these things for themselves, but hey! They made signs!

They also reportedly began shaking down businesses helplessly caught in their fort:

It turned into “Lord of the Flies” fast:

And Twitchy notes that they brought in a “warlord” to “police” the area from which they wanted to purge police, someone more unaccountable to the public than the police.

Gov. Jay Inslee has no idea what the hell is going on in his state:

I’m just sad there isn’t a livestream with a laugh track.