Seattle’s hottest summer of love festival — which saw multiple people shot, killed, a big fist erected, and a racially-segregated “garden” thrown on top of cardboard — ended with a giant slobbery sellout to Joe Biden today:

They achieved what no one thought was possible, which was getting the city targeted in a class-action lawsuit, increasing crime, and learning what “autonomous” actually means. While complaining that the police they turned away didn’t help them when they needed police, CHAZzercisers also claim that they got the city to cut the police’s budget, which the city says was done to offset the costs of the coronavirus pandemic. So ultimately, CHAZ/CHOP didn’t get anything done, except endorse the same Democrats who authorized the policing policies and laws that CHAZ/CHOP said they got together to protest in the first place. The grift must go on, though, so look for more advantageous groups to grow in this space faster than CHAZ’s garden.