Earlier this year I created an email list to share things about the book launch and behind the scenes stuff that didn’t fit the site. It’s grown significantly these past months and last week I migrated over to a new platform from which to publish it with greater ease. I had to do a lot of formatting work with the previous platform, and while I can do some quick changes in the messy backend with basic coding, it was honestly too time consuming and not realistic for my already-crammed schedule. I’m operating off of Substack now; it’s simple thus easy to work with, and I can share things quickly. Just an update, as you’ll notice it looks differently, and it’s still me adding your info and writing things up myself, as always. I’m including a lot more in the newsletter that with four newsletters per week: Deep dives on issues, behind the scenes looks, early headlines, and a lot more.

Share and subscribe, if you haven’t, either at the link on the top of this site or right here.

Additionally, here is my program’s bumper tracks playlist, updated each month and each selected by yours truly. Some tracks fit certain topics, some I just like, others because they fit the season or theme. Enjoy.