Mark Ruffalo, the guy who played The Hulk in “The Avengers,” says this about the economic system that made him rich:

Ruffalo sold his $3.5 million dollar brownstone for $3.1 million just a couple of years ago, he reportedly pocketed several million dollars for “The Avengers,” and has a net worth of $30 million — all because of capitalism.

I wholly support people making what they’re worth and doing what they want with their own money, because it’s theirs. The greed and selfishness is the covetous demand to share the fruits of someone else’s labor. However, Ruffalo and others slip on revolutionary chic when it’s convenient for them to do so. They speak like they’re one of the regular, non-millionaire people who pay to see their movies, buy their merchandise, rent their movies on Netflix (Ruffalo is currently promoting his latest movie released last month, he’d like for you to use the economic system he hates so much to financially support his work and make him wealthier). Rich people like Ruffalo can afford a little socialism, it’s a styling to them, a brand, they don’t quite understand it but they think embracing it makes them look cool, Tweeting revolutionary things makes them seem edgy. If Ruffalo loathes capitalism as much as he seems to, then I’m sure I missed his public pledge to redistribute the salaries from all of his films to those who make less. I’m also sure I missed his redistribution of the $3 million he made selling his comfortable NYC brownstone, too. Anything less would be shallow hypocrisy.