Magpul and Free Colorado’s “Farewell To Arms” event raised thousands for the recall effort against Colorado State Senate President John Morse and other elected officials who voted against Coloradans Second Amendment Rights.

Groups such as Pueblo Freedom and Rights made it on Colorado Democrats’s radar when they dumped nearly 13,000 signatures at the Colorado Secretary of State’s office to recall state Sen. Angela Giron. They were at the event to support, along with Revealing Politics and others.

Colorado is to gun rights what Wisconsin was to worker rights. Remember that.

Some photos from the event, courtesy DKendall Photography:

Here’s my view from inside the chopper.

Here’s video of the chopper’s arrival, via InfoRations:

More photos:

A big thanks to Magpul, Kelly Maher, Free Colorado, Mike Dunafon, Glendale Colorado, and everyone who came out to support the event and get some grandfathered-in 30 round standard capacity pmags. The fight has just begun.

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