My trust is a casualty of egregious media bias over the past decade. I’m a justified cynic. And also, there’s a history of assists. From MSNBC this morning:

I watched the interview; Brzezinski led the questioning over Scarborough because it’s better optics for a woman to grill him — but I don’t think for one second that this was designed to appear as anything other than Biden bravely facing the accusations, doing his time in the crucible of morning TV, and as of such, the issue is settled. (Full disclosure: I cannot take seriously Brzezinski’s positioning as some protector of women considering Mika falsely and absurdly smeared me as “threatening” her because I once legitimately criticized her show’s bias.) Simply addressing the issue doesn’t mean it’s settled. I’d love to be wrong on this and see further investigation into the issue to determine if, in fact, wrongdoing occurred, but again, I’m too cynical. I have no faith in the press.

As much as I want to subject him to the Kavanaugh standard — the bared teeth approach of the objectively compromised press and their operative content directors, I maintain that due process should always prevail. However. There’s the issue of the Democrats’ double standard. Do conservatives think that by subjecting Biden to the Kavanaugh treatment as determined by the left that this will open the eyes of progressives? This strategy assumes that progressives are mindless sheep following their socialist leaders. While that may be true for some, it’s no truer than the smear that all Trump voters are mindless, racist, fascist, Nazi bigots. Some people legitimately believe in socialism because they are terrified of freedom. They refuse to accept any risk related to the double-edged sword of freedom preferring instead to side with statism’s poor record. This is just reality — just as it is the left is not going to “wake up” and see that their all-but-official nominee is a walking contradiction to their schtick on women. Consistency is irrelevant to the unified left in every way but objective. Whatever it takes to achieve a socialist state, even if this means backing a compromised candidate against whom there is more compelling evidence of impropriety than Kavanaugh and Trump combined. They will sacrifice the #MeToo movement for it, they will make hypocrites out of the leftist women advocating in the interests of sexual assault victims, and sadly, too many leftist women accept this trade for power.